Smiles O'Byron can be found in Blade's Edge Mountains, just outside of Toshley's Station. He was forced to move his transporter out of town, due to an accident that caused a few of the gnomes to turn into creatures that produced eggs. One would assume he changed the gnomes into ravagers. He'll help any gnomish engineer with enough skill to build their own Ultrasafe Transporter.

Notes Edit

  • He's the only gnome in/around Toshley's Station that is both friendly to Alliance and Horde, due to the engineering transporter.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a play on Chief Miles O'Brien from Star Trek : The Next Generation and Star Trek : Deep Space Nine. In a few DS9 episodes when they visited the alternate universe Sisko called O'Brien "Smiley" much to his chagrin.

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