Slitherblade Naga redirects here. For the mob, see Slitherblade Naga (mob)

Leader: IconSmall Naga Male Lord Kragaru
Location: Sar'theris Strand and Ranazjar Isle, Desolace

The Slitherblade Naga have landed on the coast of Desolace, and have begun killing anyone who stands in their way. They protect one of their sacred Serpent Statues on Ranazjar Isle, a small island northwest of Desolace. Their leader, Lord Kragaru, is also the keeper of the Book of the Ancients, a book that contains the secrets of the naga, secrets that have been kept for centuries. They stormed the sides of the Gallant as described in Rackmore's Log. The Slitherblade Naga are enemies of the drysnap makrura, as are all naga and makrura.


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