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This is a page listing loot to be found in Slave Pens. For information about the instance itself, see Slave Pens.


Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Mennu the Betrayer (Normal)

[Spellfire Longsword]
[Wastewalker Shiv]

[Princely Reign Leggings]

[Tracker's Belt]
[Vest of Living Lightning]

[Pattern: Nature Armor Kit]

Mennu the Betrayer (Heroic)

[Starlight Dagger]

[Cord of Belief]

[Mennu's Scaled Leggings]

[Archery Belt of the Broken]

[Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth]
[Traitor's Noose]
[Pattern: Nature Armor Kit]

Rokmar the Crackler (Normal)

[Calming Spore Reed]
[Coilfang Hammer of Renewal]
[Coilfang Needler]

[Bogstrok Scale Cloak]

[Runed Fungalcap]

Rokmar the Crackler (Heroic)

[Coldwhisper Cord]

[Liar's Cord]

[Wavefury Boots]

[Girdle of Many Blessings]

[Ironscale War Cloak]

[Skeletal Necklace of Battlerage]

Quagmirran (Normal)

[Deft Handguards]

[Scorpid-Sting Mantle]

[Azureplate Greaves]
[Unscarred Breastplate]

[Spore-Soaked Vaneer]

Quagmirran (Heroic)

[Bleeding Hollow Warhammer]
[Phosphorescent Blade]

[Boots of Blasphemy]
[Mage-Fury Girdle]
[Mana-Etched Spaulders]

[Midnight Legguards]
[Earthsoul Britches]
[Shackles of Quagmirran]

[Pauldrons of Wild Magic]
[Pauldrons of Desolation]

[Breastplate of Righteous Fury]
[Girdle of the Immovable]

[Adamantine Chain of the Unbroken]
[Band of Ursol]
[Primal Nether]
[Quagmirran's Eye]
[Swamplight Lantern]

Shared Loot Table (Heroic)

All Slave Pens bosses share the following loot while in Heroic mode.


[Badge of Justice]

[Resplendent Fire Opal]

[Royal Tanzanite]

[Vivid Chrysoprase]

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