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This is a reference for the WoW defined slash commands availible for use in the WoW chat window, and as WoW macro commands in a macro. This list describes all of the 'slash' commands as recognized by World of Warcraft. See useful macros and user defined macros for other commands and macros. See slash commands (old) and list of slash commands (old) for the older lists. For full Macro API help, see Macro API.


  • Commands are listed in lower case, however in chat can be upper or lower case.
  • For macros a command is entered on a single line ending with a new-line '\n' character.
  • Emotes list is from FrameXML\GlobalStrings.lua.


  •  ? - command has not been tested or fully confirmed.
  • REMOVED - Removed from WoW, retained here for historical reference.
  • DISABLED - Command still exists, but does not function.
  • DEPRECATED - Is deprecated and should no longer be used.
  • Commands with multiple aliases are listed under the most expanded alias.


This is a WoW Reference, do not add commands from non-Blizzard sources; use User defined macros instead.

PvP commands


teamcaptain - /teamcaptain,/tcaptain - Sets the captain of an arena team you are in.
teamdisband - /teamdisband,/tdisband - Disbands an arena team you are in.
teaminvite - /teaminvite,/tinvite - Invites a member to your arena team.
teamquit - /teamquit,/tquit - Leaves an arena team you are in.
teamremove - /teamremove,/tremove - Removes a member of a team you are in from that team.


wargame - /wargame,/wg - Starts a War Game.

Blizzard Interface commands

These functions open a part of the Blizzard Interface

achievements - /ach,/achieve,/achievement,/achievements - Opens the Achievements interface.
calendar - Opens the Calendar interface.
guildfinder - /guildfinder,/gf - Opens the Guild Finder tool.
lfg - /lfg,/lfd,/df,/dungeonfinder - Opens the Dungeon Finder interface.
lfr - /lfr,/raidbrowser,/rb,/or,/otherraids - Opens the Raid Browser.
macro - /macro,/m - Opens the Macro interface.
stopwatch - /stopwatch,/timer,/sw - Opens the Stopwatch interface.

Chat commands

afk - /afk,/away - Marks you as "Away From Keyboard".
announce - /announce,/ann - Toggle channel announcements.
ban - Bans a user from a user-created chat channel.
battleground - /battleground,/bg - Sends a chat message to your battleground.
csay - /c,/csay - Sends chat text to a channel.
chatinvite - /cinvite,/chatinvite - Invite a user to a user-created chat channel.
chatlist - /chatlist,/chatwho,/chatinfo - Displays a list of users in a chat channel, or what channels you are currently a member of.
chatlog - Enables/disables chat logging.
combatlog - Enables/disables combat logging.
chathelp - /chat,/chathelp - Displays a list of commonly used chat commands.
ckick - Kicks a user from a user-created chat channel.
emote - /emote,/em,/e,/me - Perform an emote with the given text.
dnd - /dnd,/busy - Marks you as "Do Not Disturb".
guild - /guild,/g,/gc - Sends a chat message to your guild.
join - /join,/channel,/chan - Joins or creates a user-created chat channel.
leave - /leave,/chatleave,/chatexit - Leaves a user-created chat channel.
moderator - /mod,/moderator - Sets moderation in a user-created chat channel.
mute - /mute,/squelch,/unvoice - Prevents a user from speaking (voice or text) in a user-created chat channel.
officer - /officer,/o,/osay - Sends a chat message to your guild's officer channel.
owner - Displays or changes the owner of a user-created chat channel.
password - /password,/pass - Sets or removes a password on a user-created chat channel.
party - /party,/p - Sends a chat message to your party.
raid - /raid,/rsay - Sends a chat message to your raid.
raidwarning - /raidwarning,/rw - Sends a raid warning to your raid.
reply - /r,/reply - Replies to the last user to send you a whisper with a message.
resetchat - /resetchat - Resets chat settings to default.
say - /say,/s - Sends a chat message to players in your immediate local area.
unban - Unbans a user from a user-created chat channel.
unmoderator - /unmod,/unmoderator - Removes moderation from a user-created chat channel.
unmute - /unmute,/unsquelch,/voice - Allows a user to speak (voice or text) in a user-created chat channel.
whisper - /whisper,/w,/tell,/t,/send - Sends a private chat message to a player in a whisper.
yell - /yell,/y,/sh,/shout - Sends a chat message to all players in your zone.

Character commands

These commands affect your character's status, social interaction, movement, or actions

dismount - Dismounts your character
equip - /equip, /eq - Equip an item to its default slot.
equipset - /equipset - Change equipped items to a set stored in the Equipment Manager
equipslot - Equip an item to a specific slot.
friend - /friend,/friends - Adds a player to your Friends list.
follow - /f,/follow,/fol - Set yourself to follow the selected target
ignore - Adds a player to your ignore list
inspect - /ins,/inspect - Opens the Inspection interface of the selected target.
leavevehicle - Allows your character to exit their current vehicle.
randompet - Summons a random companion pet (non-combat pet).
removefriend - /removefriend,/remfriend - Removes a friend from your friend list.
settitle - Sets the active title for your character.
trade - Opens the trade interface with your current target.
unignore - Removes a player from your ignore list
usetalents - Swap to a saved talent spec.


These commands generally cause a character to 'act out' or emote.

May be abreviated to any shorter length, so long as there is no other conflicting command name or abreviated command name. For example '/congratulate' can be typed as '/cong'.

Key: * does nothing  + has sound  % has unique animation  @ only when mounted --varies by mount
 absent                     %eat,chew,feast               mercy                  shrug
 agree                       embarrass                    moan                   shudder
 amaze                       encourage                    mock                  %shy
 angry,mad                   enemy                        moo                    sigh
 apologize,sorry             eye                          moon                   signal
 %applaud, applause, bravo   eyebrow                     @mountspecial           silence, shush
 arm                         facepalm, palm               mourn                 +silly
+attacktarget                faint                        mutter                 sing
 awe                         fart                         nervous               %sit
 backpack                   %fear, cower                 +no                     slap
 badfeeling, bad             fidget, impatient           +nod, yes              %sleep
 bark                       %flex, strong                 nosepick, pick         smack
 bashful                   +%flirt                        object, holdit         smile
 beckon                      flop                         offer                  smirk
%beg                        +followme                    +oom                    snap
 bite                        frown, disappointed         +openfire               snarl
 blame                       gasp                         pack                   sneak
 blank                       gaze                         panic                  sneeze
 bleed, blood                giggle                       pat                    snicker
 blink                       glare                        peer                   sniff
 blush                       gloat                        pet                    snort
 boggle                      glower                       pinch                  snub
 bonk, doh                   go                           pity                   soothe
 bored                       going                        plead                  spit
 bounce                      golfclap                    %point                  spoon
%bow                         greet, greetings             poke                   squeal
 brandish                    grin, wicked, wickedly       ponder                 stand
 brb                         groan                        pounce                 stare
 breath                      grovel, peon                 pout                   stink, smell
 brow                        growl                        pray                   surprised
 burp, belch                 guffaw                       promise                surrender
+bye, goodbye, farewell      hail                         proud                  suspicious
 cackle                      happy, glad, yay             pulse                  sweat
 calm                        headache                     punch                  %talk
 challenge                  +healme                       purr                   talkex, excited
+charge                     +hello, hi                    puzzled                talkq, question
 charm                      +helpme                       raise, volunteer       tap
+cheer                       hiccup                      +rasp                   taunt
%chicken, flap, strut        highfive                     ready, rdy             tease
 chuckle                     hiss                         regret                +thank, thanks, ty
 chug                        holdhand                    +retreat, flee          think
 clap                        hug                          revenge                thirsty
 cold                        hungry, food, pizza         %roar, rawr             threaten, doom, wrath
 comfort                     hurry                        rofl                   tickle
 commend                     idea                         rolleyes, eyeroll      tired
 confused                   +incoming, inc               %rude                  +train
+grats, congrats             insult                       ruffle                 truce
 cough                       introduce                    sad                    twiddle
 coverears                   jealous                     %salute                *unused
 crack, knuckles             jk                           scared                 veto
 cringe                     %kiss, blow                   scoff                  victory
 crossarms                  %kneel                        scold                  violin
%cry, sob, weep             %laugh, lol                   scowl                 +wait
 cuddle, spoon               lavish, praise               scratch, cat, catty    warn
 curious                     laydown, liedown, lay, lie   search                %wave
 curtsey                     lick                         sexy                  +welcome
%dance                       listen                       shake, rear            whine
 ding                        look                         shakefist, fist        whistle
 disagree                    lost                         shifty                 wink
 doubt                       love                         shimmy                 woot
 drink, shindig              luck                         shiver                 work
 drool                       map                          shoo, pest            %yawn
 duck                        massage                      shout, holler

Combat commands

These functions pertain to combat

cancelaura - Cancels (turns off) an aura you have.
cancelqueuedspell - /cancelqueuedspell,/cqs - Cancels casting of the spell you have in the queue.
cancelform - Cancels your current shapeshift form.
cast - /cast,/spell,/use - Uses the given item or casts the given spell.
castglyph - Activates a glyph.
castrandom - /castrandom,/userandom - Casts a random spell from the given list.
castsequence - Casts the given spells in sequential order.
changeactionbar - Changes your current action bar page.
duel - Challenge another player to a duel
forfeit - /forfeit,/yield,/concede - Forfeit a duel.
pvp - Sets whether or not you are attackable by other players.
startattack - Turns on auto-attack.
stopattack - Turns off auto-attack.
stopcasting - Stops casting or channeling.
swapactionbar - Swaps between two given action bars.

Guild commands

guilddemote - /gdemote,/guilddemote - Demotes a guild-member.
guilddisband - /gdisband,/guilddisband - Disbands a guild.
guildinfo - /ginfo,/guildinfo - Displays information about your guild.
guildinvite - /ginvite,/guildinvite - Invites a player to join your guild.
guildleader - /gleader,/guildleader - Makes another guild member the new Guild Master.
guildquit - /gquit,/guildquit - Removes your character from your current guild.
guildmotd - /gmotd,/guildmotd - Sets the guild Message of the Day.
guildpromote - /gpromote,/guildpromote - Promotes a guild member to the next higher rank.
guildroster - /groster,/guildroster - Opens the Guild window.
guildremove - /guildremove,/gremove,/gkick - Removes a member of your guild from your guild.

Party and Raid commands

clearmainassist - /clearmainassist,/clearma,/mainassistoff,/maoff - Clears the current Main Assist.
clearmaintank - /clearmaintank,/clearmt,/maintankoff,/mtoff - Clears the current Main Tank.
clearworldmarker - /clearworldmarker,/cwm - Clears world markers
invite - /i,/inv,/invite - Invites a player to your party or raid.
ffa - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Free-For-All.
group - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Group Loot.
master - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Master Loot.
mainassist - /mainassist,/ma - Set the main assist.
maintank - /maintank,/mt - Set the main tank.
needbeforegreed - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Need Before Greed.
promote - /pr,/promote - Promotes the given member to Party or Raid leader.
raidinfo - Shows you what instances you are saved to, along with the Instance ID.
readycheck - Performs a ready check in your raid or party.
roundrobin - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Round Robin.
targetmarker - /targetmarker,/tm - Sets or clears a target marker from your current target.
threshold - Sets the loot threshold to apply loot rules.
uninvite - /uninvite,/u,/un,/kick,/votekick - Removes a player from your current party or raid.
worldmarker - /worldmarker,/wm - Allows placement of world markers.

Pet commands

DISABLED petaggressive - Sets pet to aggressive mode. (deprecated in version 4.2)
petassist - Sets pet to assist mode. (added in version 4.2)
petattack - Sends pet to attack currently selected target.
petautocastoff - Turn off autocast for a pet spell.
petautocaston - Turn on autocast for a pet spell.
petautocasttoggle - Toggle autocast for a pet spell.
petdefensive - Set pet to defensive.
petfollow - Set pet to follow you.
petmoveto - Set pet to move to and stay at a hover-targeted location.
petpassive - Set pet to passive mode.
petstay - Set pet to stay where it is at.

System commands

console - Allows user to view or change global client-side options, or perform certain system commands.
click - Simulate a mouse click on a button.
disableaddons - Disables all addons and reloads the UI.
dump - Displays the value of a given variable.
enableaddons - Enables all addons and reloads the UI.
eventtrace - /eventtrace,/etrace - Allows the user to trace events in-game.
framestack - /framestack,/fstack - Allows the user to see all frames under the cursor.
help - /h,/help,/? - Displays a help message with some basic commands.
logout - /camp,/logout - Logs your character out of the game, back to the character selection screen.
macrohelp - Displays a help message with basic information about creating and using macros.
played - Displays information about your character's time logged in.
quit - /quit,/exit - Exits the game.
random - /random,/rand,/rnd,/roll - Generates a random number from 1 to 100. "/random X" rolls a number from 1 to X, "/random X Y" rolls a number from X though Y.
reload - Reloads the User Interface.
script - /script,/run - Runs a block of LUA code.
stopmacro - Stop processing the current macro.
time - Displays the current time
timetest - Used for benchmarking, also shows FPS.
who - Shows you a list of people matching filtering options.

Targeting functions

assist - /assist,/a - Targets a player's target.
clearfocus - Clears the current focus target.
cleartarget - Clears the current target.
focus - Set a focus target
target - /target,/tar - Target the given unit by name.
targetenemy - Target the given hostile unit by name.
targetenemyplayer - Target the given hostile player by name.
targetexact - Target the unit by exact name match.
targetfriend - Target the friendly unit by name.
targetfriendplayer - Target the friendly player by name.
targetlastenemy - Target the last attackable unit you had selected.
targetlastfriend - Target the last friendly unit you had selected.
targetlasttarget - Target the target of the last unit you had selected.
targetparty - Target a party member by name.
targetraid - Target a raid member by name.

Disabled commands

The following commands are listed in the environment, except where noted, but appear to be disabled or deprecated. If you find differently, please move to the appropriate section and write a comment on it.

DISABLED gwho - /gwho,/whoguild,/glist - ? Either predates who command's more advanced options, or was intended to list guilds. No handler is defined for this.
DISABLED greplace - ? Possibly used by GMs to replace an inactive Guild Leader
DISABLED guildhelp - /guildhelp,/ghelp - A help text for guild commands; however, the SlashCmdList function is commented out in FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua, so it is not active in-game.
REMOVED lfm - Opened the Looking For More interface prior to patch 3.3. (removed completely in patch 4.0).
DISABLED moderate - ? Possibly used to set whether a channel was moderated, this feature was moved into the /moderator command.
REMOVED mount - Deprecated in WotLK, use /cast now.
DISABLED petaggressive - aggressive AI was replaced with assist. (deprecated in 4.2)
DISABLED saveguildroster - Saves the Guild Roster as a text file (disabled in 3.2.2 due to the implementation of the Armory).
DISABLED token - /token,/tk - ? Not sure what this was intended to be
DISABLED v - ? Voice macro, possibly reserved for future use as a voice command


Metacommands pass data to the WoW client to affect its appearance on the action bar. Metacommands are preceded by a "#" symbol. Unknown metacommands will be silently ignored.

show - Affects the button's icon on the Action Bar.
showtooltip - tooltip - Affects the button's icon and tooltip on the Action Bar.
showcooldown - Affects the button's cooldown display on the Action Bar. (not a real command, this executes as "#show")

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