The warrior ability Slam together with the tier 5 (20 points required) Fury talent Improved Slam allow warriors to set up a rather intricate "spell rotation" which can result in very high DPS. To get this rotation up and running requires some learning effort, and is for the serious gamers only, but it results in very high damage in PvE as in PvP.

First a list of restrictions and points to be aware of:

  • In PvP, opponents frequently run in circles. Spinning around to face them will not cancel out Slam, moving to follow them will.
  • If a slam misses by facing the wrong way it will still cost Rage

Quartz or another cast time bar addon helps greatly when trying to make this work. Players also need to develop a good sense of timing and the ability to think on their feet and adapt when they're forced to move around or get knocked back.

Talent SpecEdit

The two points for Improved Slam can easily be fitted in the standard 31/30/0 Mortal Strike/Flurry build. The Slam rotation aims for improved raid/group performance, and it's less dependent on Flurry, thus it's advisable to move at least two points from Flurry to Blood Frenzy. It's even possible to do away with Flurry and go 36/25/0.

The rotationEdit

The basic idea is to follow each auto-attack first by a slam, and then by some other move. The preferred "other" move is of course [Mortal Strike], but if MS is on cooldown, [Whirlwind] or (if both are out) anything else can be used. The result looks like this: auto, slam, MS, auto, slam, WW, auto, slam, MS, auto, slam, X. X can be anything like refreshing a [Battle Shout].


The sequence starts by waiting for an auto-attack immediately followed by Slam. After the global cooldown comes Mortal Strike. The next auto-attack is again followed by Slam, this time MS won't be ready, so Whirlwind is used instead. The third auto-attack can be followed by MS again, while on the fourth WW and MS will both be cooling down, so it can be followed by any other ability on the global cooldown (e.g. a shout or [Thunderclap]).

The above image assumes that the time between auto-attacks is 3.5s, which results in some slack (which is good -- humans need some reaction time). Flurry may sometimes confuse things, because it will move the auto-attacks out of sync with the global cooldown. If the weapon is too fast or Flurry procs too often, it's a good idea to look for a slower weapon or move points away from Flurry.

This rotation can be pretty rage intensive, Windfury Totem helps a lot to keep it going. It will get easier with practice and better gear.