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This level 34 bow hits for more than the level 35 green Long Redwood Bow and level 27 Harpyclaw Short Bow. It has a faster speed, resulting a DPS of 26.2 versus 19.1 and 20.3. It is unusual in that it has no + stats.

However the level 35 crossbow Swiftwind with its +7 agility and 27 DPS is better.

Inv weapon bow 11


World drop from level 35-40 mobs.

0.1% chance of a drop from the Level 50 Searing Gorge The Flawless Flame quest chain that starts near the bottom of the path leading from Thorium Point with Neutral 15 [48] Divine Retributionω τ ϖ.

0.5% chance of a drop from the rare (average respawn rate 21-32 hours) L39 elite Ruul Onestone at the top of Stromgarde Keep, however he typically only drops silk.

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