Skyguard Handler Irena is a level 70 humanoid located at Skyguard Outpost in Blade's Edge Mountains.

Upon achieving honored reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard, she serves as a free-of-charge flight path between the Skyguard Outpost and Blackwind Landing in Terokkar Forest, on the outskirts of Skettis. Her counterpart in Terokkar is Skyguard Handler Deesak.

Flight path Edit

Hello, <name>. Need to quickly get to Blackwind Landing, our base in the Skethyl Mountains? I've got a pretty little nether ray ready.

You want to go now? You just say the word, <big guy/(female?)>!

Gossipgossipicon Yes, I'd love a ride to Blackwind Landing.

See List of Blade's Edge Mountains NPCs.

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