Skyfire Crash-Site

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Were you looking for the subzone Wreck of the Skyseeker?

The Skyfire Crash-Site

The Skyfire Crash-Site is located in the far southwest region of the Wandering Isle, on the outskirts of Pei-Wu Forest. This is where the Alliance ship, the Skyfire, ran into the Isle, impaling Shen-zin Su. The Alliance crew managed to escape and set up a small camp a stone's throw from the crash, but are under constant attack by the strange lizard-creatures that brought their ship to its doom.

Their Horde prisoners escaped, some of them managing to flee to the Forlorn Hut while others established a small camp of their own to the north of the crash. They, too, are under constant attack.

The entire chain of quests that players undertake on the Wandering Isle culminates at the crash, for the pandaren people know that Shen-zin Su, the turtle that carries the Isle, is suffering. They do not know from what until they finally find their way into the forest. Once the threat has been determined and both the Horde and Alliance factions met, the Skyfire is detonated. Though the resulting wound is ghastly, the Horde and Alliance healers work together to restore Shen-zin Su, returning the site to a wooded area.


NPCs (Horde camp, north)
NPCs (Alliance camp, east)
NPCs (phase-dependant, within crash site)

Generally listed in order of phase.



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