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The Sky Golem is a mount created by engineers. To make the mount you must have 500 Engineering, but you do not have to have Engineering to ride the mount.

  • Features:
    • Allows ability to use IconSmall Herbalism [Herbalism] while mounted, this is a mount feature similar to the druid Ability druid flightform [Flight Form].
    • It has a special underwater animation where the cockpit closes up and swims.
    • Unique flight animation to it.
    • It has an small picture of Kerrigan (Starcraft 2) inside of the cockpit.

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Notes Edit

  • The mount is based off of goblin shredders.
  • It requires level 20 to use as a ground mount, and once the player has Expert Ability mount ridinghorse [Riding] it can fly.
  • Not a passenger mount.
  • It does not require any profession in order to use the mount.

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