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[Skullsplitter Tusk] is a quest item only lootable by players on the quest Neutral 15 [42] Skullsplitter Tusks. Kebok in Booty Bay has been hiring adventurers to hunt Skullsplitter trolls for their tusks, which he then passes off as tiger fangs.

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[Skullsplitter Tusks] drop from Skullsplitter trolls throughout Stranglethorn Vale. These trolls can be found in the three central troll ruins (Ziata'jai Ruins, Ruins of Zul'Mamwe, and Balia'mah Ruins).

Trolls that drop [Skullsplitter Tusk]:

As a Quest Objective Edit

  • Inv misc monsterfang 01 [Skullsplitter Tusk] x18

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