Mapedit Skeletons
Map designer(s)Cenarius2 & Benitoperezgald
Update statusActive
This article is about a fan created Custom Map designed on Warcraft III with the World Editor. The map contains non-Blizzard information, and events are not official.
It should not be taken as representing official lore!

Skeletons is a Warcraft III map made by a fan.


It takes place around the time of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

Is about skeletons that are summoned to Hellfire Peninsula by the Lich King to fight each other to become the new Champion of the Lich King. They fight to death or can join to defeat Magtheridon and his lair. They can also join to defeat the Black Temple, but it only reaches to Teron Gorefiend (there are plans of expanding it to Illidan Stormrage).


Skeleton map preview screen

The different hero classes.

Is like an RPG, but in this map you cannot save or load your character. You must select first a hero, you can choose between a Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Murloc, Skeleton Marine, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Grunt, Skeleton Mage. To win you must kill other skeletons (players). You fight in an area with creeps, shops and skeletons. You can ally to attack Magtheridon's hellfire citadel or Black Temple to obtain strong items from the Bosses.


Based on the Fan Map "Skeleton Quarrel", the general idea was taken from it. But there are many things that weren't in that map like other heros, spells, Instances, enemies, etc.


Black temple (skeleton map)

Sample image of entrance of the Black Temple.

  • Black Temple is an exact replica of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade instance. Same terrain, units, units spells, bosses, bosses drops, summons. Teron Gorefiend is based on the one of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.
  • Thanks to Retera for the Skeleton Marine model (found in google).
  • Thanks to DonDustin for the Skeleton Murloc model (from Hiveworkshop).
  • Thanks to Kitabatake for the Footman Armor and Helmet model (from Hiveworkshop).
  • Thanks to jatter2 for the OrcAxe and trisword model (from Hiveworkshop).
  • Thanks to -SkatinG_CoW- for the Shoulderplates(lowpoly) model (from Hiveworkshop).
  • Thanks to Necrokenis for the Teron Gorefiend model (from Hiveworkshop).
  • Thanks to SirNathan for the Magician Staff model (from Hiveworkshop).
  • Thanks to Pyritie for the Caster Hand attachments model (from Hiveworkshop).

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