Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Brittle Bones: Chance for character to gain the Brittle debuff when hit, which lasts for two minutes, and periodically removes all armor. Often gets placed on the main tank, forcing the raid to wait for it to wear off (cannot be removed by any known ability except a paladin's divine shield if said paladin is tanking)


These mobs patrol the banquet hall where Moroes resides in. Pullers should be advised to keep track of their movement when pulling the groups of Phantom Guests in the same room to avoid adding them.

This mob is vulnerable to stuns, and often will not be able to apply its debuff if kept consistently stunned. It is also advisable to have another tank taunt the skeleton off the main tank should he get debuffed.

The Brittle Bones debuff can be aborbed by a Shaman's Grounding Totem or reflected by a warrior using Spell Reflection (difficult as the cast is instant).


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.

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