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Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Frost Shock: Frost. Movement speed reduced to 50% of normal. Roughly 2850-3350 damage, with a binary (all or nothing) resist. This ability has a short cooldown (about 5 seconds). It may also have a short range as it seems to target exclusively those within melee range.
  • Ice Tomb: [1] Frost. Frozen. Stunned for 4 seconds. This also ticks twice for a small (500-600) amount of damage per tick.
  • Immune to Taunt
  • Immune to Turn Undead (Confirmed on Patch 2.2)
  • Immune to Freeze Trap
  • Immune to Stuns
  • Immune to Cyclone

Melee attacks are fairly powerful - approximately 5000-7500 before mitigation. Finally, the Skeletal Ushers appear to be able to pull an enemy towards them under certain circumstances - it may be that this can only happen if no one is in melee range.


If these mobs stand in pairs, one should be shackled. The main tank and off tank should build aggro on the non-CC'd usher. If possible, the main tank should spell-reflect after he is afflicted with frost shock, reflecting the stun part of the spell. Unfortunately, the aggro-reduction is not reflectable. For the shackled mob, spell-reflect immediately.

Aggro discipline is the key to this encounter. Give the tanks enough time to build up threat before starting to deal damage, or the time lost resurrecting and rebuffing raid members will more than offset any time saved by DPSing early.

If your group can spare the healing, spam shackles on the raid target to gain reaction time from an Ice Tomb. This is particularly effective if your ranged DPS stands at their maximum distance.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.

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