Sir Nicholas Gabaree is a NPC who is like a connection to someone who is either honored or has passed in the real world. Nicholas Gabaree was a Master Mechanic at Momentum Volkswagen.[citation needed] Connections between him and Blizzard are unknown of, but he appears to have been a known player of World of Warcraft.[1]

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  • In the Stormwind City Cemetery,[44.3, 26.4]
    there is a tombstone called "In Loving Memory". It's an object that you can click on and a NPC comes out. Sir Nicholas Gabaree is like a NPC that greets you when you enter a area, or a NPC giving a speech. He's been recently added to the game prior to 5.4. The thing is is that you can spam the ever living daylights out of him. History on him is extremly limited. When he despawns, He says "Farewell my friends, for time grows short, I must depart." Then he yells "POOF!"
  • As of 20-Oct-2013, Wowhead does not have this NPC, but WoWDB does.

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