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A player character who origonated on the Silver Hand Role Playing server.

Birth Edit

Silvermoon Leafsdawn was a rebel in her family. She was born not long before the War of the Ancients to the weathly, well known Highborne family of Leafsdawn, that lived in the city of Zin'azshari, with an estate right on the shores of the Well of Eternity made of magic with living trees and stone fused together in a beautiful palace. Instead of following the ways of the sorceresses of the family, she would sneak out in the nighttime darkness and learn from the then-strange forest demigod known as Cenarius. She met another Kaldorei druid named Mistwalker who was very very well attuned to nature. So much so that he was growing antlers. And between them both, a child was conceived. Her family reacted negatively when they found out. However they refused to take it out on her child. The child was family. They were determined to raise her 'the right way'.

The child was named Silvermist by her mother. She was watched over heavily by her family to make sure she didn't 'go all wild' like her young mother, and kept home to learn to be a sorceress like the rest of the family. Her grandmother Ryhenna gave her a small hand-carved owl made of crystal that had water from the Well of Eternity in it, that rested above her bed, and gave a watery light to her bedroom as a child. Her aunt even bathed the child in waters of well at one point.

The War of the Ancients Edit

Her innocent childhood was shattered just before she reached maturity, when Queen Azshara, in her obsession with magic, brought demons into Zin'azshari. Young Silvermist hid in a barrel watching through a crack as her mother father fought bravely, but were ultimately killed - like there rest of the city's inhabitants. Then the demons found her. The demons could smell the power of the Well on her, and took her to Queen Azshara. Her advisor, Xavius, set to work try to extract the Well's essence from her, to further their efforts to build the portal for Sargeras to enter Azeroth. She was tortured for many days until finally the great tower was shattered by Malfurion, and the rebel druids found her amongst the rubble.

However time had run out. To save the world from Sargeras, the portal had to be closed. Malfurion and Tyrande were able to permanently seal the portal only by destroying the Well of Eternity that empowered it. Silvermist gathered a few earthly possessions into a black wooden box, and Tyrande tied the child and her possessions to a nightsaber, and sent the animal fleeing from the ruined city just before the world was sundered. Silvermist watched behind her as everything and everyone she had ever known was destroyed and buried beneath the sea. The nightsaber was terrified and ran for safety, with the teenage girl on it's back.

Silvermist was alone until she was an adult. When the World Tree grew, the pact made with the Dragon Flights, Malfurion and the druid slept, and Tyrande formed the Sentinels, Silvermist enlisted. For seven thousand years she lived as a Sentinel. Drinking with them, loving them, fighting evils with them, and defending the sanctity of Ashenvale forest. She fell in love with Leona and they were best companions for centuries.

Return of the Burning Legion Edit

Then the legion came again. Leona's outpost commander fell to corruption, and Leona was caught in the aftermath. When Silvermist's unit was called up by Tyrande who was rallying the Sentinels to fight the Legion, they came across Leona's corrupted outpost. Silvermist was ordered to put down the twisted corrupted satyr that had once been Leona. Silvermist battled with the Sentinels to drive back the legion, falling back to Mt. Hyjal for their last stand. There, Silvermist the Huntress was doing fine until she battled a Pit Lord whose blade was stained with his own corrupted blood. Silvermist suffered a direct hit to the chest, nearly gutting her from hip to shoulder with the Pit Lord's blade. Near death, she rolled into the trees, shadowmelded once still, and awaited death.

Instead what came was only more pain. Nordrassil - her link to nature and intimate part of her soul for seven thousand years died, consuming Archimonde. Silvermist waited for death and release, but none came as the healers tried to bring her back from Elune's blessed arms. While in the medical camps recovering, two of their new allied - two human paladins - found these strange, powerful warrior woman quite attractive and vulnerable, and raped her in her tent.

Modern Times Edit

Relieved of Sentinel duty and recovering from her wounds, she mourns her losses and deals with the horrible memories of the battles she witnessed. Silvermist trains to become a Priestess of the Moon and to embrace Elune's strength to help her recover from all that she has lost, and become like she was during the vigil - at one with Nordrassil, a protector of the forests. She remains, as ever, totally blindingly loyal to Tyrande and the moon goddess Elune. She tends to be against the Alliance/Horde conflict, stating that it has nothing to do with the Kaldorei, and avidly fights to remove the Horde from her sacred homeland of Ashenvale Forest.

Roleplaying Information Edit

  • Silvermist Leafsdawn is owned and played by Silvermist. She was origonally created as a Warcraft III character, and adapted for World of Warcraft.
  • The character is played on Silver Hand (Priest), Thorium Brotherhood (Rogue), and Ysera (Hunter) servers. The RP will vary slightly depending on the class being played.
  • The character was roleplayed heavily on the WoW Roleplaying forums from release until early 2006, when the player stopped posting. The player still plays heavily on the Ysera server.

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