Silverbound Treasure Chests are chests found throughout a portion of the known world and usually contain a small amount of money and a rare piece of Bind on Equip loot, level-appropriate for where the chest is located. They are typically, but not always, located in zones that lack Sturdy Treasure Chests.

Areas locatedEdit

Zone Level (Approx.) Zone # Spawn Points
1-10 Tirisfal Glades 17
Mulgore 15
Elwynn Forest 12
Teldrassil 9
Dun Morogh 6
10-20 Northern Barrens 6
Loch Modan 1
20-25 Duskwood 6
25-30 Arathi Highlands 19
Stonetalon Mountains 6
35-40 Dustwallow Marsh 15
45-50 Felwood 21
Badlands 11
50-55 Winterspring 6
60-65 Zangarmarsh 24
Terokkar Forest 22
Hellfire Peninsula 10
65-70 Nagrand 16
Shadowmoon Valley 8
Netherstorm 5
Blade's Edge Mountains 1

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