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Silken Treasure Chests are chests found in select areas of the known world (above level 30) that usually contain a small amount of money and a rare piece of Bind on Equip loot, level-appropriate for where the chest is located.

Areas locatedEdit

Zone Level (Approx.) Zone # Spawn Points
30-35 Southern Barrens 1
40-45 Thousand Needles 12
45-50 Tanaris 12
50-55 Un'Goro Crater 15
Burning Steppes 13
Swamp of Sorrows 7
Sunken Temple 2
55-60 Silithus 20
Blasted Lands 15
75-80 Zul'Drak 8
80-85 Uldum 29
Deepholm 17
Mount Hyjal 5

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