Silithus coast tauren settlement

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On the most southwest coast of Kalimdor, near Silithus, there is a small, uninhabited tauren village at [39, 95].

Two canoes lie at the shore and a windmill overlooks the whole place. It was probably meant originally as a stronghold of the Horde, Cenarion Enclave, or Grimtotem tribe. Due to its somewhat hard to reach position — by swimming or water walking, thus making use of the aquatic form — it might have had also something to do with druid training.

Nearby to the east is a small cave network that seems to go beneath Ahn'Qiraj. However, the caves are entirely empty save for piles of bones of various sizes, although whilst some could conceivably be from a tauren, the area is free of any signs of conflict.

There are no NPCs or interactive objects either alive or as a ghost in this village.

How to get there

This area is reachable by swimming west from Land's End Beach and past Silithus. You can also swim south from the western corner of Feralas. At normal speed, this can take over ten minutes swimming. To speed this up, you could either find a friendly shaman for the Water Walking buff, group with a death knight for their Path of Frost buff, or acquire one or two doses of Elixir of Water Walking.


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