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Sigils are Death knight-specific relics. Relics replace Ranged weapons for Death knights, Druids, Paladins, and Shamans, and typically give significant bonuses to a single spell rather than a general stat bonus of ranged weapons.

Various Sigils Edit

Notice: This list is incomplete. For a complete list, click here.


Blood Strike and Heart Strike
Inv shield 56

Blood Strike
Inv shield 56


Frost Strike and Death Coil
Inv shield 56

Icy Touch
Inv shield 56
Inv shield 56

Rune Strike
Inv shield 56
Inv shield 56


Death Coil
Inv shield 56

Plague Strike
Inv shield 56

Scourge Strike, Obliterate, and Death Strike
Inv shield 56
Inv shield 56
Inv misc noose 01

Scourge Strike
Inv shield 56

Unobtainable Edit

These are sigils that are no longer obtainable to players who do not currently have one.

Arena Season 5
Inv shield 56

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