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Siege crossbow.

Siege crossbows are scaled-up versions of the man-sized weapons, mounted on table-like support structures and designed to throw heavy iron bolts incredible distances. Even the smallest siege crossbow has a bowspan of nine feet, and requires multiple soldiers to cock and load.[1]

Siege CrossbowEdit

A two-man crew can operate a siege crossbow, hauling the weapon into position with horses and then anchoring it in place.[1]

Double Siege CrossbowEdit


Double siege crossbow.

Double siege crossbows have two bows mounted in opposite directions, with the bowstring threaded around both to increase the distance bolts can be thrown. The Horde has been known to mount double siege crossbows atop kodo, trading a degree of accuracy for mobility.[1]

Triple Siege CrossbowEdit

Triple siege crossbows are so large and difficult to move that they are usually only used for the defense of fortifications. With two forward facing bows and a third opposed, they can hurl bolts with tremendous force. At the Battle of the Violet Citadel, an Alliance crew manning a triple siege crossbow killed an abomination that was almost a half-mile away.[1]

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