Shrink rayed3.sized

A character affected by "Shrink" compared to a normal sized character.

Shrink is a power only usable by NPC's with the exception of a trinket created by those with the engineering profession called Inv gizmo 09 [Gnomish Shrink Ray] and the quest item, Inv gizmo 09 [Zorbin's Ultra-Shrinker]. It is seen as early as level 10 being used by Combat 15 Zalazane and as late as level 70 being used in the Mechanar. Though the spell differs with each NPC who uses it, it usually involves shrinking the players' in-game character, and reducing his/her attack power.

Gnomes are trying to squelch the rumor that the Inv misc enggizmos 08 [World Enlarger] shrinks the user rather than making everything else larger.