Shrine of the Eclipse is an area inside Sunwell Plateau. M'uru/Entropius is found here. The shrine is a large circular and overly dark room that is layered in 3 circles in the center, the outer rim, the middle ring and the core where M'uru is stationary and where Entropius spawns.

Shrine of the Eclipse

The interior of the shrine.

Adorned on the walls and arches of the shrine are see through curtains, players are able to get a very good view of the Sunwell below from the shrine.

Races Edit

  • Naaru
  • Felblood elf
  • Voidwalker
  • Voidcaller
  • Void god

Trash mobs Edit

All trash mobs in this zone are spawned during the fight with M'uru/Entropius.

  • Shadowsword Berserker
  • Shadowsword Fury Mage
  • Void Sentinel
  • Void Spawn

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