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Shoni's Disarming Tool is an Axe type weapon.

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You can get Shoni's Disarming Tool from Shoni the Shilent in Stormwind City after completing the Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators Quest. This item is one of the few ways to hold a wrench in the off hand, as an [Arclight Spanner] is only equippable in the main hand.

Class Related Edit

This is mainly a warrior weapon, useful from levels 20 to the mid 30's as a decent DPS offhand with a built in disarm. The current proc rate is unknown.

For hunters, this item is less desirable, as it features no stats that supplement ranged attack power. The proc rate of the disarm is far too low to make this weapon viable as a last resort.

Enhancement shamans at level 40 can dual wield, but at 16.1 DPS with a low proc rate this axe is not an ideal choice.

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