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Not to be confused with Neutral 15 Rude Sho or Horde 15 Sho the Wise <Monk Trainer>.
NeutralNPC 32Sho
Gender Female
Race Pandaren
Level 90
Health 393,941
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Halfhill Market[53, 52] or southwest of Kunzen Village,[29.6, 30.6] Valley of the Four Winds

Sho is a member of the Tillers and a warrior who keeps a watchful eye on the Kunzen Hozen on the Skyrange. Because she's a fighter, not a farmer, she appreciates if you could drop by with a Lovely Apple or an Eternal Blossom Fish.

When she trusts you enough to call your her best friend, she'll send you her favorite little [cricket], as she can't keep him safe because he's never quiet. She also gives your farm an decorative orange tree.

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