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A shirt is a wearable item that has its own dedicated slot and does not have any functional purpose besides decorative appeal or bragging rights.



Bind on Pickup shirts

PvP shirt

Tailoring shirts

Starting shirts

Other notable shirts

Following shirts are sold by Official alliance mini-iconLisbeth Schneider in Stormwind City.

Following shirts are sold by Neutral 15Karandonna <Clothier> in Dalaran.

Following shirts are sold by Neutral 15Angelique Butler <First Aid Supplies> in Dalaran.

Following shirts are sold by Neutral 15Broxel Goldgrasp <Souvenirs> at the Argent Tournament Grounds and have faction requirements.


  • A few shirts have personal value as parts of interesting sets of clothing, or as proof of obtaining a rare drop or rare quest, but most are considered junk to non-roleplayers.
  • Most shirts do not bind at all and may be purchased from vendors, other players, or the Auction House. There are seven Bind on Pickup (BOP) shirts that are available to both factions but one is only conjured during a boss fight.
  • No rare shirts exist.
  • The [Precious's Ribbon] is the only uncommon quality shirt that exists in the game. It is also the only available shirt to feature an equip action that puts a buff on the character. The buff reads "Best in Show".
    • Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria may include more uncommon quality shirts for guilds, if the Beta is any indication.[1]
  • The [Epic Purple Shirt] (a TCG loot card redemption) is the only epic quality shirt that exists in the game (excluding PTR shirts). It is also the only shirt to feature an on use action besides the conjured shirt in Icecrown Citadel (10/25) and the Game Master shirt.
  • The [Martin Fury] was the only artifact quality shirt that exists in the game. It was a Game Master shirt and players only got it by mistake. If you ever got this, you needed to report it to a game master or you would get permanently banned like Karatechop from Vek'nilash US. At some point it became a poor item.
  • The [Master Builder's Shirt] has the highest item level of all available shirts available to players (excluding PTR shirts).


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