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Shipyards are where ships are made and sold. A shipyard community, has the skills and materials to build sailing vessels. The community is situated on a river, lake or sea. The community can build and maintain a fleet of sailing vessels, or it can take on repair work for other communities as a means of gaining additional income. Partially completed sailing ships can be seen near the water; as well as large stocks of timber planking, equipment for heating and bending timber.[1] (WoWRPG 386)

Orc Shipyard Edit

Although a haphazard collection of stone, mortar and cheap lumber, the shabby Orc Shipyard is perhaps the most important structure in the Hordes’ war effort. As the construction site for Warships, Transports and Tankers, Shipyards serve as a vital link between the scattered clans across Lordaeron. These sites also have crude processing facilities, enabling Tankers to deliver shipments of oil to them. The Shipyards are manned by procrastinating, slovenly Orcs who somehow manage to keep production and maintenance on schedule.[2] (W2Man 82)

Alliance Shipyard Edit

Shipyards are primarily responsible for the construction of the various warships in the Alliance’s naval forces. Elevated on strong pillars of Ironwood, these waterfront structures are also responsible for receiving and processing the oil necessary to construct these ships of war. Shipyards are manned by dedicated sailors and shipwrights who strive tirelessly to keep the fleet running smoothly and efficiently.[2] (W2Man 55)

Undead Shipyard Edit

Crude stone and iron structures responsible for the construction of Undead warships. Run by undead zombies and minions, these shoreline structures are found mostly in Northrend where they tirelessly assemble Undead Transports, Frigates and Battleships for the Scourge.

Goblin Shipyard Edit

This bustling yard full of Goblins is eager to sell you a transport ship capable of carrying units over water.[3] (W3TFTMan 18)

In World of Warcraft Edit

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Any port can be a shipyard, but ships are shown being built in Lost Rigger Cove and Ironclad Cove.

In Burning Crusade Edit

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What seems to be a blood elven shipyard can be seen at Sunsail Anchorage and Sun's Reach Harbor.

In Wrath of the Lich King Edit

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Some extensive shipyards can be found in Stormwind Harbor, where several icebreakers can be seen under construction.

In Cataclysm Edit

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Tol Barad Peninsula has the Wellson Shipyard on its west coast, but it is overrun with many accursed spirits and ghastly dockhands.

In Warlords of Draenor Edit

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A player controlled garrison Shipyard was introduced in Patch 6.2 that includes garrison ships to send on naval missions as well as assignable crews.

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