Shipwreck Debris is a low level fishing pool found all over Dustwallow Marsh. It is also a key part of the quest Alliance 15 [37] Recover the Cargo!. Most of the pools are out of reach from land, requiring spells such as the Priest's Levitate to fish.

Contains Edit

Item Drop chance
Inv drink 09 [Empty Rum Bottle] 20%
Torn Sail 20%
Withered Kelp 10%
Inv fabric linen 03 [Tangled Fishing Line] 10%
Inv misc flute 01 [Driftwood] 10%
Empty Clam 10%
Inv misc fish 04 [Raw Rockscale Cod] 10%
Inv misc monsterhead 04 [Oily Blackmouth] 5%
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