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A Shield spike refers to an item crafted by blacksmiths to a shield that deals damage every time a hit is blocked. Shield spikes occupy the enchantment slot and will overwrite any existing enchantment. They can also be attached to a shield of any level and used by a shield-wielding character of any level.


Shield Spike
Shield Spike Block Damage Blacksmithing Skill
Required to Craft
[Titanium Shield Spike] 45-67 420 Taught by trainer
[Felsteel Shield Spike] 26-38 360 Alliance 15 [Plans: Felsteel Shield Spike]
Horde 15 [Plans: Felsteel Shield Spike]
[Thorium Shield Spike] 20-30 275 [Plans: Thorium Shield Spike]
[Mithril Shield Spike] 16-20 215 [Plans: Mithril Shield Spike]
[Iron Shield Spike] 8-12 150 [Plans: Iron Shield Spike]


  • As of Patch_2.4.2, Blacksmithing is not required to apply the shield spike to a shield.

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