Shattered Hand clan

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Neutral 32 Shattered Hand clan
Main leaderKargath Bladefist
Race(s)IconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Orc Female Orc
IconSmall FelOrc MaleIconSmall FelOrc Female Fel orc
IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll Female Jungle troll
IconSmall DarkIron Male Dark Iron Dwarf

The Shattered Hand clan was named for the practice of self-mutilation that every grunt in the clan must perform. Led by Kargath Bladefist, the Shattered Hand remained on Draenor while the majority of the orcish clans, led by Blackhand, traveled through the Dark Portal into Azeroth. Upon the return of the Bleeding Hollow clan from Azeroth, Kargath volunteered his clan to make war against the humans. When Draenor was destroyed, a part of his clan was stranded along with the Bleeding Hollow and Warsong clans.

The Warcraft II manual mentions that a razor-sharp scythe sat in place of Kargath Bladefist's severed left hand, but whether it was an accident or intentional, it now seems customary for clan members to replace a hand with a blade, as most if not all Shattered Hand mobs in World of Warcraft have this. Kargath Bladefist and Watchkeeper Gargolmar (who may or may not be a member) seem to have both hands replaced, so this may be a sign of high rank.

Known members

Name Location Notes
IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 Gest Cleft of Shadow Orgrimmar
IconSmall Kargath Combat Icon 16x16 Kargath Bladefist Shattered Halls Hellfire Citadel 0200Bc icon
IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 Ormok Cleft of Shadow Orgrimmar
IconSmall Troll Male Horde 15 Shenthul Cleft of Shadow Orgrimmar
IconSmall Troll Male Horde 15 Jes'rimon The Drag Orgrimmar
IconSmall DarkIron Male Horde 15 Taskmaster Fizzule The Barrens Secret agent sent by the clan to spy on the Venture Trading Company.

World of Warcraft

The Shattered Hand still plays a pivotal part in World of Warcraft. Two factions of the Shattered Hand also exist, one based in Azeroth and loyal to Thrall and the New Horde, while the other is formed by corrupted fel orcs and is based in Outland.

The Shattered Hand in the New Horde

The members of the Shattered Hand that remained in Azeroth became an integral part of Thrall's New Horde. With the foundation of Durotar, and the Horde capital of Orgrimmar, the Shattered Hand has become the Horde's guild of assassins, training new rogues in the service of their Warchief. However, as with most rogues, the extent of their loyalty is unknown; one member, Zando'zan, states that he has foreseen the death of Thrall, but whether this is just a premonition he had of the Warchief's demise or that he or the Shattered Hand in Orgrimmar plans to kill Thrall remains a mystery. However Wrenix the Wretched, Zando'zan's contact, does point out that he's not quite sane and that his words perhaps should not be taken seriously.

Fel Orcs of the Shattered Hand

Unbeknown to any until now, Kargath Bladefist was approached by the Pit Lord Magtheridon, the Lord of Outland. He consumed the pit lord's blood and became a fel orc. Now presumably in the service of the current Lord of Outland, Illidan Stormrage (Magtheridon had been deposed sometime after his return), Kargath is the self-declared Warchief of the Fel Horde, ruling from the Shattered Halls in Hellfire Citadel.

Much of his clan, now fel orcs as well, are camped along the Path of Glory leading up to Hellfire Citadel from the Dark Portal, as well as in the breaches in the northern and southern ramparts. They also make up the majority of the forces inside the Shattered Halls, including archers, gladiators, and assassins.

Ranks and Classes

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