Shan'ze Dao

Shan'ze Dao is the large island found in the northwestern-most part of Townlong Steppes. It is dotted with mogu ruins, inhabited by mogu and sprites. The indigenous wildlife is under attack by the mogu, the cloud serpents being corrupted into darker dragons.

It appears the island may be incomplete, in that there are no subzones. As such, the most important areas and their inhabitants are listed below.

Inhabitants Edit

Pandaren camp Edit


Pandaren camp

The pandaren camp is located on the southern end. The mages are attempting to open a portal to the Shado-Pan Garrison.

Quest givers/enders

Sprite areas Edit


Initial sprite encounter.


Home of the Darkwoods Faerie

The first area with sprites is located immediately west of the camp; the sprite territory seems to encompass much of the west side of the island. They appear to have run into some trouble with the Shan'ze Beastmasters. The sprites may be led by the Darkwoods Faerie, whose hovel is underground on the western side of the island.

Mogu ruins Edit


Mogu ruins


The Deathspeaker's bluff

Mogu ruins are scattered throughout the island, and it appears cloud serpents have been either tamed or enslaved by them. The Deathspeaker is found along the northeastern cliffs.

Hei Feng's peak Edit


Hei Feng's peak

Hei Feng's peak is located on the very eastern side of the island, noted by the peak symbol on the map. He appears to be facing off against Shan Bu, a powerful mogu.

Dragon enslavement shore Edit


Corrupting the dragons

Down the path from the pandaren camp on the shore it appears the mogu have captured many cloud serpents and taken their eggs, corrupting them. A cave can be found here.

Mogu cave Edit


Mogu cave

Another cave can be found on the northeastern shore, the shore controlled by the mogu.

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