Level 19 Twinks Edit

Choosing your race Edit

Depending on your playstyle (healing-only or hybrid dps/heal, melee or ranged etc) and talent tree you can pick almost any race you like, there is no race 'superior' above another, any race can have very good performance in BG.

Alliance Edit

Horde Edit

Talents Edit

Melee Edit

Spelldamage Edit

I'll leave this here so as not to remove ideas, but as the description of Convection says you are unlikely to run out of mana in a PvP fight.

Healing Edit

Flag carrying and general PvP Edit

Melee Equipment Recommendations Edit

Melee Enchant Recommendations Edit

  • Head

none since Patch 3.1.0

  • Back
    • + 3 agility
    • +10 Shadow Resistance
  • Chest
    • +100 health
    • +4 stats
  • Bracers
    • +9 stamina
  • Hands
    • +15 agility
    • + 7 agility
    • + Spellpower
  • Legs
  • Feet
    • Minor speed
  • Weapon main hand
    • +15 agility
    • Lifestealing
    • Fiery Weapons
    • Crusader
  • 2 handed weapon
    • +25 agility

Spelldamage Equipment Recommendations Edit

Healing Equipment Recommendations Edit

List of BoP and Quest items you might want to pick up before turning 19 Edit

Battleground Strategies Edit


Melee Edit

 Make sure you have Glyph of Flame Shock and keep that up at all times, when you have spendable mana and Flame Shock is still up, use Earth Shock. You should never be using Lightning Bolt, due to its cast-time, you must keep moving. Spawn Searing Totem at the start of you're attack for additional DPS, and be sure to keep Flametongue Weapon up.
  When dealing with a class that can self heal, i.e. Paladins, Priests, other Shamans and Druids, use the above strategy, and when they heal, for example, if a Paladin starts casting Holy Light, Use Wind Shear to interrupt their spellcast, then they're as good as done.

Spelldamage Edit


Healing Edit


Other Edit



Making a good twink is going to be expensive; and thats a fact. If you get the proper equips and enchants, it's gonna cost up to several thousand Gold. Saying that, it will be a great way to have fun when completed. G'luck

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