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Author(s)Paul Benjamin
Artist(s)Rocio Zucchi
PublishedSeptember 28, 2010[1]
Retail priceUS:


ISBN 10:ISBN 1427-81857-6
ISBN 13:ISBN 978-1427-81857-7
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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Shaman is the name of an upcoming World of Warcraft manga. It will tie into the new Cataclysm expansion.[2]

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Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Tornados. The elements of Azeroth are out of control, unleashing devastating natural disasters that threaten to tear Azeroth asunder.

All hope rests with the shaman, who are able to commune with the elements. Muln Earthfury, the shaman leader of the secretive Earthen Ring, attempts to pacify the elements -- but his pleas fall on deaf ears. The elements are unresponsive, full of confusion and chaos. The Earthen Ring is riddled with doubt. Have the shaman lost their ability to corral and guide the elements?

Mysteriously, Shotoa arrives. This Tauren shaman doesn't just merely tend to the elements -- he forces them to do his bidding. Shotoa promises to lead the Earthen Ring into a new era of Shamanism... As the world crumbles around them, Muln and the Earthen Ring must decide if Shotoa is a hero or a heretic...[3]

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