This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Having been a novice member of the Sisters of Elune shortly before, during the War of the Ancients Shalasyr was the lover and later wife of Jarod Shadowsong. After the end of the war the two eloped into the wilderness, leaving everyone else to believe them dead.

Only after 10,000 years of exile did she (as a result of the Night Elf's newly restored mortality) fall badly ill, forcing her husband to take her to Darnassus in a desperate attempt to find her aid. They made it as far as Rut'Theran before she lost conciousness, at which point several Sentinels spotted them and helped him get her through the teleporter. Though with Malfurion's help they were able to reach Tyrande before it was too late, there was little the high priestess could do and Shalasyr soon proved too weak to fight the illness any longer.

Her funeral was held soon after in the Temple of Elune during which Jarod witnessed a ghostly image of his wife float up from her body and smiling at him. The ghost quickly shifted into a ball of moonlight and rose up to join Elune. After the ceremony Jarod thanked Tyrande for the beautiful display. Tyrande responded with a look of surprise, admitting that she had done nothing and that it could only have been Elune granting the couple one last goodbye.