Inv torch lit
  • Shadowforge Torch
  • Item Level 60
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Duration: 5 min
  • Sell Price: 7Silver 11Copper

Source Edit

Dropped or pickpocketed from Combat 15 [52 - 55] Shadowforge Flame Keeper.

Notes Edit

  • You need 2 of them to light the braziers in The Lyceum (Blackrock Depths subregion). When you light the braziers the door to the next area will open and you can go to kill Combat 15 [55+ - 56+] Magmus.
  • You have a time limit to use the Shadowforge Torches of 5 minutes.
  • Take into account that dwarves in The Lyceum have a quick respawn of 30 seconds (if your group dies there, reincarnation + resurrection is near impossible!). Mages are welcome in The Lyceum because of AoE spells (Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Arcane Explosion, Blizzard).

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