Shadowfang Tower

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Shadowfang Tower

Shadowfang Tower

Shadowfang Tower [86.2, 26.5] is the new lair of the now-undead Archmage Arugal on Bloodmoon Isle off the coast of the Grizzly Hills of Northrend. The shade of Arugal resides at the tower summit, surrounded by members of his Wolfcult. The tower is built very similarly to Shadowfang Keep, Arugal's previous base of operations, right down to the worn-looking stone and the rotting banners. Goremaw, Arugal's giant worg guardian (similar to Fenrus in Shadowfang Keep) can be found in the stable at the tower base, accessed from the platform to the right of the entrance.

The Lich King appears to have discovered Arugal's work with the worgen of Silverpine Forest and has brought the mage (killed in Shadowfang Keep) back from the dead to serve the Scourge.

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