Shadowbreak Ravine

Shadowbreak Ravine

Shadowbreak Ravine is a well-hidden area found in the mountains southeast of Shok'thokar in Desolace. This area is a haven for Burning Blade cultists. It holds several structures including giant mushrooms and a summoning circle with giant chains. Although there is no apparent connection between them, Shadowbreak Ravine does with its enormous mushrooms and purplish atmosphere remind much of Zangarmarsh.

There are only two quests that make use of this area, Reagents for Reclaimers Inc., the Ley Hunters drop Felhound Brain, as do other felhounds in Desolace, and The Infernal Orb for mages, as Burning Blade Summoners drop the orbs needed. Some speculate this subzone was intended to be used in the warlock level 40 mount quest (before patch 2.4) as you can find some neutral level 40 felsteeds there. Entrance around [77, 76]

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