Shadow Bolt

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Shadow Bolt
Spell shadow shadowbolt
  • Shadow Bolt
  • 30 yds.  range
  • GCD cooldown
  • 10%-17% of base mana
  • 3 sec at max rank cast
  • Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy, causing X Shadow damage.
Usable by
Improved Shadow Bolt, Cataclysm, Bane, Aftermath, Devastation, Intensity, Destructive Reach, Ruin, Backlash, Soul Leech, Shadow and Flame, Nightfall, Shadow Mastery
Other information
"May darkness take you, for when I'm done, the Light will not recognize you."— Radak Doombringer[TCG src]

Shadow Bolt is a warlock spell that deals direct damage to the target.


LevelMana CostCast TimeDamage
1 4% 1.7 s 17
2 4% 1.77 s 19
3 4% 1.84 s 21
4 4% 1.91 s 23
5 4% 1.97 s 24
6 4% 2.04 s 25
7 4% 2.11 s 26
8 4% 2.18 s 28
9 4% 2.25 s 30
10 4% 2.31 s 32

Talent improvement

Bane will lower the cast time of Shadow Bolt by up to .5 seconds at max rank. Shadow and Flame will increase the amount of shadow spell damage that applies to the spell by 20% at max rank, whereas Shadow Mastery will increase the damage done by the Shadow Bolt by 15% at max rank. Similarly, Improved Shadow Bolt increases its damage by 10% at max rank.

Destructive Reach extends the range of Shadow Bolt to 36 yards and reduces generated threat by 10% at max rank.

Backlash and Nightfall both give you a chance to make your next Shadow Bolt an instant cast. The former when you are hit by physical attacks, the latter every time when your Corruption and Drain Life spells tick.

Shadow Bolt is a Destruction spell, and thus gains the benefit of the talents Improved Shadow Bolt, Cataclysm, Aftermath, Devastation, Intensity, Destructive Reach, Ruin, and Soul Leech.

Tips and tactics

  • Though Shadow Bolt is a Destruction spell, it is often used in conjunction with an Affliction build, as several talents from this tree enhance it.

Past changes

Prior to Patch 2.0, rank 10 was available only as a Grimoire drop from bosses in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj instance. The spell can now be bought from a trainer at level 62.

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