Seven Kingdoms

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The Seven Kingdoms were the human city-states founded after the Troll Wars and the fracturing of the great empire of Arathor, approximately 1,200 years before the First War.[1] Though most held a sphere of influence including only their original cities, some, notably Lordaeron and Azeroth/Stormwind, came to control vast territories in the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Nations of Arathor

Current status

At the time of World of Warcraft, Alterac[2] and Lordaeron have fallen, Stromgarde is hard pressed keeping what small territory they haven't lost yet, while Dalaran has relocated to Northrend to battle the Scourge, after recovering from attacks by the Scourge and the Burning Legion during the Third War. Stormwind is flourishing, Gilneas has been ravaged by the Worgen curse, while the state of Kul Tiras is (still) unknown. The only major human settlement in Kalimdor is Theramore Isle, founded by Lady Jaina Proudmoore following the Third War.

Nation First War Second War Interim Third War Post-Third War Cataclysm Current Status Population (city proper)
Lordaeron - - - Destroyed See The Forsaken, The Scourge,
Scarlet Crusade,
and Argent Dawn
- Undercity, Plaguelands Undead
Azeroth/Stormwind Destroyed - Rebuilt - - - Damaged 200,000[3][4]
Dalaran - Damaged Rebuilt Destroyed Rebuilt - Independent 3,000[5]
Kul Tiras - - - - - Unknown Healthy 10,000[6]
Stromgarde - - Left Alliance Destroyed Rejoined Alliance[7] - Crippled 1,200[8][9]
Gilneas - - Left Alliance - See Worgen Rejoined Alliance Contested Unknown[10]
Alterac - Destroyed - - See The Syndicate - Destroyed Ogres
Theramore - - - - Founded - Healthy 9,500[11]

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

After the Cataclysm, Gilneas will be brought back into the Alliance's fold, though still under the Worgen curse.

The introduction of Tol Barad will likely mean increased focus on Kul Tiras, and the large swaths of Lordaeron being revamped may signal a shift in its political situation.

Prince Galen Trollbane of Stromgarde was raised by the forsaken and now sends adventurers obtain the sigils of Stromgarde, and find Trol'kalar.

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