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This is a page listing loot to be found in Sethekk Halls. For information about the instance itself, see Sethekk Halls.

Loot Edit

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Darkweaver Syth
(Normal and Heroic)

[Sethekk Feather-Darts]

[Light-Woven Slippers]

[Moonstrider Boots]

[Sky-Hunter Swift Boots]

[Bands of Syth]

[Design: Khorium Inferno Band]
[Libram of the Eternal Rest]
[Book of Forgotten Names](Heroic) (Quest Item)
[Terokk's Mask] (Normal) (Quest Item)

Talon King Ikiss
(Normal and Heroic)

[Crow Wing Reaper]
[Terokk's Nightmace]

[Hallowed Trousers]
[Incanter's Trousers]
[Trousers of Oblivion]

[Shoulderpads of Assassination]

[Greaves of Desolation]

[Deathforge Girdle]

[Avian Cloak of Feathers]
[Sethekk Oracle Cloak]

[Primal Nether]
[Ravenclaw Band]
[Spirit Shard]
[Terokk's Quill] (Quest item)

Talon King Ikiss
(Heroic only)

[Terokk's Shadowstaff]

[Bands of the Benevolent]

[Bracers of the Hunt]

[Spaulders of Dementia]

(Summoned in Heroic mode)

[Talon of Anzu]
[The Boomstick]

[Belt of the Raven Lord]

[Boots of Righteous Fortitude]

[Reins of the Raven Lord]
[Band of Frigid Elements]

Shared Loot Table (Heroic) Edit

All Sethekk Halls bosses share the following loot while in Heroic mode.


[Badge of Justice]

[Blessed Tanzanite]

[Pristine Fire Opal]

[Stalwart Fire Opal]

[Spirit Shard]

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