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The Sethekk are a faction of the arakkoa who believe themselves to be the true and most loyal followers of the master of all arakkoa. The nature of this master is unknown to outsiders; the arakkoa do not speak of him except to say that his mysteries are for the feathered people alone. The Sethekk turned away from the traditional veneration of Rukhmar in order to worship this new master, who promised them untold power and status in the cosmos. It was at this time that the great Arakkoa hero Terokk abandoned his people, leading to speculation that he was in fact Rukhmar.

The Sethekk interpreted the destruction of Auchindoun to be the arrival of their master on this planet. Led by Talon King Ikiss and Darkweaver Syth, they left Skettis and set out for the ruins, taking with them the relics of their greatest hero, Terokk, and established themselves in the ruins of Auchindoun. They still seek the master in the temple's ruins.


Similarities between the description of what the new master promised them and what Sargeras promised the Eredar could mean that the Sethekk are actually following Sargeras.


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