Feel free to update the page yourself, if you are unsure post here and i'll see what I can do.
If someone could link to this page from the official forums would be lovely, as my login never works for them, and blizzard's reply is 'we don't provide technical support for the forums'. meh.
Sign your comments with --~~~~ --Psyker7 20:43, 9 March 2007 (EST)

I'm going to post some comments on the Uther page sence i am part of the server. -Helopusobiwa

horde guilds updated Edit

I am a player on the Uther Server as well as a guild leader. I have added 2 guilds that were not on this page: Legion of Ashlar and The Ratchet Union, linked to their websites, and wrote small articles about each guild. I am an officer in both guilds. The Ratchet Union is more of a union of guilds, but same concept. Legion of Ashlar is the founding guild of the Union.

I have removed 4 guilds that did not have an armory entry or a website any longer: Evil elf empire, Phaedra, Transcend, and Thirteen Inches. These guilds no loger exist.

I checkd all the horde guilds that are listed and they are correct as of armory information.

Possible follow-up: find a list of horde guilds on uther and post the ones that are not on this list - I know there are more.


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