Thunderhorn Community Edit

I could say I'm not really sure that the forum community is really an accurate representation of the thunderhorn community, that would be biting my tongue. As with any other realm the majority of players don't care for the forums, which are largely a cliquey group of posters who are friends in game or have been on the forums that long. While the community is far from being without good qualities, I think to describe the thunderhorn community in terms of a few self professed spammers and their closed community doesn't do thunderhorn justice. I'd be inclined to say that thunderhorn is largely a less hardcore server with it's most progressed guilds sitting below the top 100. However with plenty of guilds who will do heroic modes on only 3 days a week it's a good place for the not casual but not fully hardcore player to play.

I think that just saying that would say far more about thunderhorn than a long article on how some people were banned on the forums because they spammed a lot, given the fairly small size and closed nature of the forum community.

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