I would love to get a list of HWLs going in chronological order. I know who the last 10 were in reverse order.

Jusoha Gered Zedd Shurafa Cyfe Soulphire Expunge Lloss Sayhello Saladien

Would be nice to list characters/guilds who have completed Legendaries. I saw a similar list on another servers Wiki page.

Just wondering why there's no note about Hobbs on here? He's arguably the most famous WoW player ever (after Leeroy, of course) --Selxxa 02:09, 22 February 2008 (UTC)

Can we add something about Daemios and the Hatduck?

I can't believe there's nothing about the two real life brother who hit rank 13 on the same day? "Shinjiru" Undead Rogue & "Darkvenom" Undead Warlock. Those guys were tough to beat, they were in the "Cabal" guild I believe.

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