6-8-07 I'm considering completely removing the Karazhan progression table. I would then add a column in the Burning Crusade table between the "Guild" and the "Gruul" column, called "Karazhan" for guilds to either list - "cleared" or their furthest boss in progression, for example "Netherspite".
I would also remove the High King Maulgar column as well to allow entry only in the renamed "Gruul's Lair" column - "High King Maulgar" or "Cleared"
This would match formatting in the Nax, Ony, BWL section of the page, and save a lot of worthless code. That karazhan table is too big.
any thoughts?
Loraic - Alliance - Khaz Modan

Well, only problem I see with removing Karazhan table is what if a guild has killed Attunmen all the way to Curator but than skipped Illhoof and Aran to go do Prince and Prince goes down. How are you going to code that if your going to post the last killed boss? I've thought about coding the Karazhan table with the BC Progression table but it stretched the page, and so I used this as an alternative.

Those are just my thoughts on this matter. :) Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

Napi - Horde - Khaz Modan

New format Edit

the new format for progression looks very nice. i like how the guild stats tables match the format as well. well done. loraic - alliance - khaz modan

6-24-07 Thank you. :D I was meaning to fix it up sooner but I was lazy.

Napi - Horde - Khaz Modan

Thanks and Population Edit Edit

Thanks for putting all the work into the KM page and the progression for KM page - they look great!

I edited Vanguard of War's progression so it matches what's listed for us in the KM progression thread at Blizz forums. In future, would I need to come here to do this too after posting in that thread?

KM has a larger number of social or casual guilds than "hard core" raiding guilds, so it would be great if we could add some things non-raid-related, such as activity by level. Toward this end, and yes, it includes a shameless plug for my own guild, at least this month, I added July data to the January census info and listed top three most active guilds by level.

Wonder what other things we could include? Are there "most famous" or "infamous" Khaz Modanians to list, or other notable events - didn't the dreaded ZG plague strike KM as well? --Moonsong.VoW 15:06, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Reorganization 10-24-07 Edit

In order to provide basic server information of the type most folks seem to request at the realm forums, I moved general info and population/description information to the front and put historic information at the end.

Updated raid history information by making it past tense (all the pre-TBC raid stuff).

Changed titles, updated census info.

Added bullet list and link to Wowjutsu for top three raid guilds.

May have messed up the formatting of the space between PvP battlegroup block and the list of KM guilds. Did not know how to fix, though the space may make it easier to see the page.

I did not delete anything save where it might have clarified some of the wording, but I did move some segments of text to places where to me at least they made more sense. Hope I've helped describe our server accurately.

Moonsong.VoW 17:34, 24 October 2007 (UTC)Moonsong.VoW Vanguard of War

New Guild added Edit

I added the guild Reciprocity to the Alliance Guild section. Here's the link to their website and their Armoury entry.... --Caidic (talk) 23:06, May 31, 2010 (UTC)

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