This page totally needs a list of all the famous characters on Kel'thuzad and the changes to WoW that are attributed to them, e.g.;

Charne (Tauren Druid) -- Due to his enthusiastic use of it, the Sleep effect on Green Whelp Armor was changed to only effect characters under level 50.

Ashortyy (Gnome Warrior) -- Thanks to him, shrink effects no longer stack, and Alterac Valley's map has been tweaked several times to eliminate secret paths into Horde territory.

Any other wiki members from Kel'thuzad concur? NYET! 18:29, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

I think the Naming Cleanup tag should be removed. There's no naming violations on this page that I can find. Linked pages should have their own cleanup tags, not on pages that link to them.

Removed High Caliber from the main server page as well as the guild progression page since they no longer exist. Syllenn, Night Elf hunter

I have restored much of the content that was removed from the page. I attempted to clean it up a little bit as well. I removed the guilds with non-functioning sites from the guild list. If I removed your guild and it is still active I apologize, I didn't want to go and armory every single one to figure out who was still on the server and active. Someone removed the history section because they thought it was too old. That's pretty much the point of the history section IMO, to make note of important events that occurred on the server. I did however remove some of the things I though were probably not relevant to today's interests, such as which guilds reformed into other guilds and such. I was tempted to remove the vidas thing, but I fear it may actually be relevant with all the xivia/vidas stuff that happened recently. The things like US and World firsts, the AQ gate opening, and the Kazzak exploit which caused a patch are most certainly relevant though and have been restored. Other than that, I tried to make the very beginning of the page sound better, but I didn't do a very good job. If someone could fix that up so it sounds decent that'd be great. Psychomedic (talk) 01:44, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

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