Who To ContactEdit

Omgimfretold will be the main player to contact on Hakkar. You can also contact Zipps, or Meat (who no longer plays).


  1. Please stop spamming and vandalizing this page. No one cares that you got banned Irtypo.
  2. Tracking on

Page update Edit

The guild progression on this page seriously needs to be updated.

Guild Progression for 25 man has been updated for patches 3.2+, Icecrown Citadel progression will continue to be updated until the release of Cataclysm Cataclysm-Logo-Small. 3.2 will be updated occasionally.

The Profession and Guild Recruitment sections will not be updated, anyone can add their (or someone else) name/guild to these sections. Simply insert your name like the others for the Profession's section. For Guild Recruitment simply copy/paste one of the other guilds, then change the information.

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