I'm sorry if I am writing this in the wrong location, however I have had no joy finding a more suitable place. I cannot add Fusion Storm guild to the guild list without an error occuring. It states that the Lost guild website link has been picked up by the filter. I literally just tried to put "{{Guild_list|guild=Fusion Storm|web= |realm=Ghostlands|loc=EU}}" on the alliance list. I tried putting the details of other guilds as a test and experienced the same error

Many thanks RoyalCypher (talk) 22:47, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

I'm giving this page a major overhaul, as the information that's been added recently.... is a load of rubbish basically. Ghostlands is not an RP realm. --Torch 17:26, 21 March 2007 (EDT)

New overhaul needed methinks. More to come soon. --Torch 00:04, 12 July 2007 (UTC)

I could spend hours turning this page into a novel, if I had half a brain and could work out how these wikis format work. I have recieved a nice weekly ban from the forums due to the extremely offensive and harassing post "Ghostlands Community Awards", and during my absence I would like to try and do something with this page, so will do my best, chances are I won't even manage to get my signature/name at the bottom of this but hey.(most probably Aeus) Regards Shagz 16:03, 18 July 2007 (UTC)

Thanks to Aeus I got unbanned, even if it was only a day or two before.

I too am wanting this page to be upgraded with loads of information about the Ghostlands server. Main guilds, progress, population and history. It doesn't even have on here when AQ opened or when certain major bosses have been killed. Shags, if you wish I will [help out making this page, although I am still learning all this wiki stuff. - Tuloa -Using the raid progress thread on the forum ( i have included all PvE progress. I will attempt to keep this up-to-date. I have also added external links to the bottom of the page. Seems odd we don't have these. I belive the raid progress would look more appropiate in a table format which I may convert at a later date once I learn how. Others are welcome to do so. If you wish to have this removed, please state why so here. Fangman 18:21, 6th September 2007 (GMT)

I would like to help get this page up and running as well, just Wikis are beyond me lol. But yes the raid progress is nice. Once the section regarding well known Ghostlands players is complete I suggest putting that here as well. Other things we could add are perhaps links to a few forum topics, some of Malastairs classic comics, and perhaps some of my chat logs. The bigger the better I say! Shagz 11:56, 20 September 2007 (UTC)

Just going to mess around with the nagrand table format for a bit, so ignore any wierdness at the bottom, if I understand how it works, then I will impliment it fully. Fangman 13:41 20th September 2007 (GMT)

UPDATE: Ok, I have fully implimented the tables and I think it looks pretty good. All the tables apart from the karzhan one are based on a % width, so it should look fine on all screen sizes. If the Karazhan looks too big or wrong on your screen, let me know and I will set it to a % width. Any suggestions for improvement are welcomed, feel free to contact me ingame as either Tuloa or Tuloaix. I will now put down the template for Guilds, I will add the data in from the Server forums at a later time seeing there are a lot. Fangman 14:17 20th September 2007 (GMT)


OK, read CARFULLY! Adding your own guild is dead simple, but do it wrong and it looks pathetic. Here we go.

1) Go to the article page and go down to Guilds and click the blue Edit on the right of the Guild title

2) Under your faction, press enter at the end of the last entry and paste the following underneath it:

{{Guild_list|guild=|web= |realm=Ghostlands|loc=EU}}

Now, after the guild= put your guild name. Don't do any formating and don't put a space (ie guild=BRB) After web= put your website address including the HTTP part (ie web= Make sure to put space at the end of the website address

3) That's it. Press Preview to make sure it looks like the other entries, if not check you inserted it correctly, when done press Save. PLEASE do not mess around with the layout, do not try to make your text bold, enlarged etc. If you are not happy with the layout please say so here in discussion or in the WoWwiki post on the offical forums (

Example of a full entry:

{{Guild_list|guild=No Remorse|web= |realm=Ghostlands|loc=EU}}


Ashen Dawn

Edited Ashen Dawn forum link from old to new working one.

Added Karazhan progress of Team 1(Prince Down). ~Darkasantion(Aspivalth ingame)

Edit: Hello there, my intention was only to have the right link to our guild, and because our first team cleared Prince to update that properly, no offence to you ! So I only changed the url of Ashen Dawn, and updated the raid progress page. Hope you don't mind

Darkasantion 18:00 12th Novemeber 2007 (GMT+1)

Updated raid progress and made "Ghostlands Tourism office" more proffesional looking. There is no need to have most of it in bold and CAPITALS. Also, could the person doing the changes post here to state what their intentions are and what they did, makes things much easier to handel. I have also added lines to the start of everyone's comment here to make it easier to read. Hope you don't mind.

Also, some of the points behind the office I do not agree with, we are not that progressive of a server, in our battlegroup we are Lost are actually 4th, with BRB 8th and Allian 9th. Maybe we could discuss this more on the forums. In comparison, hellfire has been around as Ghostlands and have already clearned Mount Hyjal and 4/10 in Black Temple.

EDIT: If you want to make changes to your raid progress etc then feel free to, especially on the Karazhan progress. Just make sure you try to keep the current format and layout, I personally think it works. Any problems just say so.

Fangman 14:17 12th Novemeber 2007 (GMT)

I've made a couple of changes - Re-instated the Ghostlandian section, added a better explanation of Need out of Darkshore, added a few more quotes and cleaned up the welcome section. I've not touched the Tourist board section yet, but I believe it needs a major overhaul. The layout is sloppy, and some of the facts are a bit questionable. Hopefully, I'll get round to fixing this whole page sometime in the near future.

On a side note, the "before 2.1" quote might need citation. I've listed Honss as the originator, but I can't be 100% certain on this.--Torch 21:28, 14 November 2007 (UTC)

Ok, added the Zul'Aman section, sorry for the delay and updated it.

Fangman 18:08 23rd Novemeber 2007 (GMT)

I am contemplating overhalling this page making it more asthetic and more informative. It will be a more long term project and I may setup a 2nd ghostlands entry where I will work in, or do it on my own profile space. I got some good features from other servers which I think will be useful. Please check my profile for what plans I have for Ghostlands EU MK2.

Fangman 16:34 15th June 2007 (GMT)

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