((I've got to admit, I'm very impressed by the quality of your article. It's very interesting to read, and extremely well thought-out. The presentation is, quite frankly, the best I've seen on this site. In fact, I've even "stolen" elements of your layout to serve as a template for my own Norse MacLeod. I hope you don't mind. In fact, if you are willing, I'd love to have input from you regarding my own little article.)) --Weisskrieg 04:35, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

Links Edit

Hi, if you don't mind I changed a few of the links on your page to the real pages and not to redirects that screw them up.--gOurra[T¦C] 02:45, 19 January 2008 (UTC)


I dont mind at all that you fixed some links. There was a switch some time back that caused all kinds of links to be broken and I could not get the time to fix them so I really appreciate it :)

Weisskrieg I don't mind that you used the layout at all. I'm really embarrassed that I haven't responded to this in the MONTHS since your comment. But I will be heading over to your page now to have a look for sure.

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