If I remember correctly, Tycho and Gabe left Cenarius for another server a while back. Can anyone confirm this?

Geez - the forum trolls can't even keep this sacred. I'll do my best to keep it impartial and clean, which of course means that I'll be targeted by aforementioned trolls.

Do we have a list somewhere of the people that have gotten HWL/GM? It would be nice to somehow cement their accomplishments on the Realm page.

Is it really necessary to further inflate the egos of the forum trolls by dedicating a section to them on WoWWiki? Just a thought..

Troll Deletion Vote Edit

I propose we vote on the deletion of the Forum Troll section. It has just become a grounds for ego warfare and other rediculousness, and there is no need to inflate things even more by giving them a section. VOTE ENDS JULY 30th.

For Deletion

  • Barows 7/24/06
  • mmotn 7/24/06

Against Deletion

Trolls Edit

Agreed, I'll axe them now. If they become a problem, I'm sure the fine wiki folks would be willing to make a call.

  • Interestingly enough, this is the CENARIUS wow-wiki...shouldn't it involve all parts of Cenarius? Even the trolls? After all people like Nano and Aeiou are known in game for their forums activity. One person should not be allowed to decide what does or doesn't go up on the wiki.
  • Axe them again, they were replaced, probably by a troll, adding in a few I believe. "*Holycow- All around cool guy.". <== My apologies but some things just don't belong, even if you are a "cool guy".
  • Well, I'll come out and say that I added the ones about Grock and Holycow. I also added some other bits about some characters in some other section (I forget what) but that's all I did in terms of that. The other junk was done by someone else. -mmotn

Guild History Edit

This section should be split up into instance names, with relevant details categorised. For instance, I've placed all the Ahn'Qiraj stuff in its own sub-section, we should do similar for MC, BWL and Naxx.

Notable Cenarians Edit

Need to make a suggestion sort of thing here, but I (Barows) think the current list is suitable for now. These are not the exact words to be put on the main page, but are instead the underlying reasoning between notoriety.

Reasonings (Horde)

  • Bucker: Major GM, first Horde Hand of Rag.
  • Garrote: Quite well known for his rants back when he was around.
  • Klash: Player since beginning, 2nd level 60 Warrior and first Horde Thunderfury.
  • Ravoon: Household name for many reasons - enchanting, old guild GM, running world boss pugs, etc.
  • Wanderer: Runs major posts on realm forums and is known for his "demon busting" service for Hunters.

Reasonings (Alliance)

  • Bladenight - Forum figure, GM of Legacy Reborn.
  • Ciderhelm - GM of Eventide and director of entertaining films that were shot on Cenarius.
  • Hrethric - Runs realm forum pages, Grand Marshal.
  • Penny Arcade - Tycho and Gabe play Alliance on the Cenarius Server. (** I heard they transfered a while back. Confirm? **).
  • Thott - Runs Thottbot and GM of Afterlife, Cosmos patcher (I Believe). (** I believe Thott no longer owns Thottbot, believe he sold it off awhile ago, can anybody confirm this? **)(** A quick check of news posts state that he is in fact still in control.**)
  • Tregga - AQ Opener, GM of Sundering.

I believe all of these names belong on the list, though i'd like to see maybe one or two more notable Horde players and maybe another Alliance if we can come up with one. True notoriety comes from leadership, major achievements, and community activity. The names listed as "notable" should be well known to most 'informed' players on a paticular side - most Alliance 60's should be able to tell you they know or have heard of Thott for example, and most Horde 60's should be able to tell you know of Garrote or Bucker. - Barows

Suggested Additions

  • (Alliance / Horde) - (Name) - (Reasoning) Format

January 2012 Update Edit

I updated my own server page and decided to take a look at other pages in my battlegroup, since I've probably run into the general population before as both Darrowmere Horde and Vashj Alliance. I had a brief stay on Cenarius on one of my druids in 2009 before transferring to Nesingwary. (It may have seemed like somebody at Blizzard divided by zero and trolls from every US server were being sent to one place, but I haven't played on Illidan.)

In addition to the implementation of shiny new templates, I felt that this page could use an overhaul in organization, less plagiarized content, a great deal of wikification, and a general update to statistics and current progression.

The changes made to the guild lists are meant to reflect the most current statistics: - PVE guilds that are actively progressing in 4.3 content. If you feel your guild was overlooked, I don't claim to be an authority in any capacity on this server. The lists as they were had not been updated since Wrath.

Evigilo (talk) 00:14, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

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