Impressive DOubleshot, somehow before the game even came out you managed to solo the 25 man version of all the raids. Well done

Anasmira, Conqueror of Formatting (talk) 18:58, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Vault of Archavon Edit

We don't need to have this in here do we? Its a Gruul's Lair, intended to be completed by a PUG, and by all means easily completable by a PUG. (It's the raid you open up by having lake Wintergrasp. It was a giant joke for premade 80s on beta. You wal in, Kill Archavon, walk out with PVP gear. Anasmira, Conqueror of Formatting (talk) 00:47, 7 November 2008 (UTC)

Updates trying to get this page out of construction and into done Edit

I really wasn't sure what we were looking for here. I tried to go through and add stuff that I thought should be placed. Also I have no idea what you want the 1st block to be. The one with all the boss names and the alliance horde chart. If you are looking for a strat section I suggest moving it to the bottom of the page. I also made these changes to the 10 man page as well.


Has anyone considered adding some sort of Heroic Raid Achievement table as well? With the current pace of progression of raid content, it appears that the Achievements will be the indicator that separates the hardcore guilds from each other. Onegoofy (talk)

re heroics Edit

no most heroics are a joke or will be soon enough. Even the achievements in them are pretty simple. I dont think there has been an instance yet we did on heroic where we didnt get over 1/2 of the achievements done.


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